The other week I had my girlfriend Pilar over and whenever she comes over I always make up a little cheese board for us to enjoy with some wine. While I was taking some pictures of the charcuterie board for Instagram, I thought it might be fun to do a little blog post about styling a cheese board for something different! 

Since It was just the two of us, my charcuterie board is relatively small. I styled a creamy French cheese and a merlot infused cheese on a pretty marble board. In addition to the cheeses I picked up some Italian meats and also added some fruits, nuts and crackers to the board. The purple grapes and dried apricots add some more vibrant color to the more neutral board. 

As for background styling, I picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers and put them in my favorite dusty rose colored vase that matches the bottle of rosé perfectly. Lastly, I added some additional greenery behind the cheese board for some texture and color. 

Charcuterie Board Styling

Cheese Board Styling

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