There are a few items that I think are always worth splurging on. Their quality can’t be beat, they last a long time, look better, make a statement, and once in a while you just need to treat yourself! The first thing that I think it is always acceptable to splurge on is a designer handbag or clutch, or if you are lucky enough, both! There are so many quality bags out there that range in price from a few hundred to thousands. A few of my favorite handbag brands are Tory Burch, Kooba, Liebeskind, YSL, Chanel, and of course Hermès.

Items worth the spurge

The second item that I think you can justify spending more on is nice shoes. People always notice shoes. Always. Invest in a few basics like ballet flats, a classic pump, some nice leather boots, ankle booties, and maybe even a pair of wellies. After you have built up a shoe wardrobe filled with classics, you will be surprised how you don’t feel the need for the trendy, inexpensive options you were settling for before because you can mix and match all of your classics with just about any outfit combination. A few of my favorite shoe designers are: Tory Burch, Joie, Hunter, Chloé, and Malone Souliers.

Items worth splurging on

Another staple piece in my wardrobe that I can always justify splurging on is jeans. I love jeans. I love finding the perfect pair and buying them in every wash. I love that when you find a brand that fits you, you know what size to always order. I love that you can dress them up or wear them casually. I love a great skinny jean, wide-leg jean, and I especially love ankle-length jeans. Find your brand. Spend the day at a nice department store trying on all the brands you can get your hands on. Learn what rise is most flattering for you. For me, it is a medium or high-rise jean. Learn what inseam you like best. Once you know these things it makes it so much easier to order jeans online in the future. Designer denim lasts a long time if you take care of it. It’s worth the splurge, trust me! A few of my favorite denim brands are: 7 For All Mankind, Mother Denim, and Hudson Jeans.

Items worth splurging on

What are the items in your closet that you can always justify splurging on? Any favorite brands that I should check out?

xx Alexandra

Items Worth Splurging On

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